5 reasons there hasn’t been a great Resident Evil movie yet

But, I really don’t think Alice was the best character to start the film franchise, and unfortunately, we got stuck with her throughout the series. Okay, maybe stuck is not the right word. I mean, she’s fine. Still, I think it would be better if this wasn’t Resident Evil and was called something else.

Sure, we have Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and lots of others in the later films, but I think the Resident Evil movies would have stylistically felt more like Resident Evil if we’d gotten one of the mainstays early on. Spirit Untamed movie Instead, even with all the Umbrella stuff, the Resident Evil movies feel like they’re in another universe, and that first action-packed movie wasn’t a great start to the franchise. Yes, Resident Evil: Extinction is probably the best movie in the series, but I think I would have preferred it if they started with that movie. The first movie just wasn’t a great starting point.

Based on the book series of the same name by Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil follows two friends, Sophie and Agatha, who are taken from their village and sent to the incumbent institution. where students train to become fairy tale heroes or villains in a land known as Endless Woods. While Sophie is a worthy candidate for the School of Good and Agatha is a perfect fit for the School of Evil, the girls end up being placed in the opposite schools they had in mind, with Sophie becoming a “Never” in the School of Evil and Agatha becomes an “Ever” in good school. With six books that make up this saga, The School for Good and Evil has the potential to launch a successful YA movie series for Netflix.

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