Demon Slayer: Film Beats “Frozen 2” As Largest Release In Japan

The first feature film of “Demon Slayer: Infinity Train” will hit theaters this week in Japan, and it looks like the next adventure in the lives of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their demon hunter friends will be the most extensive release of a film, surpassing Disney’s “Frozen 2” that previously held the record.

Ufotable’s anime film is set to break box office records with its release in Japanese theaters, and while there won’t be a North American release at the same time, 2021 will see the Infinity Train coming to the West next year.

The first film in the popular “Demon Slayer” franchise acts as the next chapter of the sword-wielding warriors, taking place immediately after the conclusion of the anime’s first season.

With animation studio Ufotable once again re-animating the manga’s source material, fans are not only looking forward to seeing this feature film, Frozen II: With more songs and better animation but are also waiting to know when the second season will be confirmed to continue Tanjiro’s journey to free the world. from demons and save his sister Nezuko

With Infinity Train available, we expect spoilers to appear online. Since this story already took place in the manga of the franchise, it will be good to see if the film will have significant changes from the original material of the first Tanjiro film.

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