Everything you should know about Disney’s Frozen 2 movie without spoilers!

Although many people in the northern hemisphere are preparing for the winter season that is already at their doors, it is more than certain that fans of Disney productions will be happy to see Elsa and her magical frozen world: Frozen 2 has arrived. to theaters after six years of waiting.

In this second installment, the sisters will travel outside of their Arendelle kingdom to try to solve an important mystery in their lives. To do this, they must use their cunning and, of course, Elsa’s powers. New characters are also added to the cast that will give a new twist to the story.

Even before that first preview was revealed, Disney released a teaser video for the film that showed shocking images, without narration or dialogue, where Elsa was seen fighting dangerously against the force of the sea.

It’s no secret that most classic Disney movies are based on children’s tales or stories dating back decades. That is obvious with some titles, but maybe you did not know that Frozen is a remake of The Snow Queen (The Snow Queen) by Hans Christian Andersen.

The original film featured two princesses from the fictional land of Arendelle, Anna (Kristen Bell) and her older sister Elsa (Idina Menzel). When the second one accidentally forces the kingdom into an eternal winter with magical powers it never learned to control, Anna ventures out to find her sister to save their land and their relationship.

The first Frozen movie received rave reviews, both from experts and the general audience, becoming a huge box office success that grossed more than one trillion (one billion) dollars. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Disney gave some hints that it was working on a sequel shortly after the release of the first film, with official confirmation in 2015, all the way to its official release in 2019.

Although six years have passed between the two productions, remember that in the waiting time Disney released related short films, including Frozen Fever in 2015 and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in 2017, which was presented alongside the film Coco, in order to keep the public’s attention.

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