Frozen 3 could give Elsa a lesbian relationship with Honeymaren

Frozen 3 Without a doubt Frozen: A Frozen Adventure has become one of the most profitable modern Disney classics for the studio. Set against the background of two short films that kept fans excited during the six-year wait for the sequel, Frozen 2 managed to gross more than $ 1 billion at the global box office. What can we expect for the next film and closing of the trilogy? Everything indicates that the story will finally explore the love interests of Elsa, who could start a relationship with Honeymaren.

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In Frozen 2 we finally learned the origins of Elsa’s powers and the story behind the Kingdom of Arendelle. Frozen 2 The young woman who had assumed the crown during the first installment, discovered in the sequel that her place in the world was not limited to what others expected of her; her destiny and her powers concealed a greater link with the Enchanted Forest. At the conclusion of the film, Elsa decides to stay in the North while Anna returns home and becomes the queen that everyone needs.

In addition to our beloved Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, the latest Frozen movie introduced new characters to the story such as the Northuldra, the original people of the Enchanted Forest and to which Anna and Elsa’s mother belonged. Honeymaren belongs to this ethnic group inspired by the Sami, and although at no point in the film does she share a romantic gesture with the young queen, in one scene they have an intimate conversation that, added to the fact that Elsa will now live near her in the North, has generated a series of speculations about where their friendship could go.

From the first Frozen movie, Elsa showed complete disinterest in having a romantic relationship or deciding to marry a man like her sister. The character’s journey to this point suggests that the young woman is finally ready to fall in love, and from the beginning, fans want her to be a character in the LGBTQ + community. An overtly lesbian relationship in a Disney princess would be a complete first for the studio, but according to ScreenRant, Honeymaren is likely to return in Frozen 3 as Elsa’s girlfriend.

Despite the fact that this topic has been leading speculation on social networks since last year, during the controversy the production team stressed that this is not the story they wanted to tell in Frozen. Producer Peter del Vecho told Radio Times that Elsa’s journey is “not romantic” and the franchise focuses on her important family bond with Anna:

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