Frozen: Olaf’s Origins Short Introduces First Sneak Peek

We will have the opportunity to return to Olaf in Spain: it will be next October 23, when the short Once Upon a Snowman will be released on the Disney + streaming platform. The production, directed by Trent Correy, is in charge of explaining the origins of this friendly snowman, who has accompanied us throughout the Disney + saga. Josh Gad returns to lend his voice to the character in the original version, and you can enjoy his first trailer below

This new short film was presented during Disney’s Frozen Fest virtual event, which was held this past weekend. Once Upon a Snowman is also the most recent project of the Frozen property since the second part was released in theaters last 2019. As we can see in the video, viewers will have the opportunity to know how the Olaf’s trajectory since Elsa created him in the first movie: from getting used to being alive Frozen 2 to looking for a nose that works for him.

As noted from Disney +, the short: “Follow the first steps of Olaf when he comes to life and seeks his identity in the snowy mountains outside Arendelle.” In addition, everything indicates that this production will allow us to enjoy not only Olaf’s first steps: we will also be able to relive iconic moments from the original film, Frozen II: The highest grossing animated film ever such as Elsa’s Let it Go (Idina Menzel) or the moment in which Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and Anna (Kristen Bell) set out on their adventure in search of Elsa. However, it will also include a whole set of new scenes.

With Trent Correy at the helm, he is accompanied on the project by veteran of the saga Dan Abraham, supervisor who was in charge of the storyboard of the musical number When I’m Older by Olaf in Frozen 2. “This is an idea that began to take form when I was one of the animators of the first Frozen movie, “said Correy, when announcing the project. “Dan Abraham and I are very grateful and excited to have had the opportunity to direct this short.”

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