And it came. The first trailer for ‘Jungle Cruise’, the new film directed by Jaume Collett-Serra and starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt along with Jesse Plemons, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti and Edgar Ramirez, is now available. And Quim Gutiérrez and Dani Rovira as surprise signings.

The star of the film already warned Jungle Cruise a few days ago on social networks: soon we will be able to see a first preview of the film. And here it is, hanging above these lines. Humor, heart attack scenarios combined with live-action technology and a lot of chemistry between the protagonists augurs well for a good result.

Inspired by the famous Disneyland attraction, ‘Jungle Cruise’ is an adventure-filled expedition in the Amazon rainforest, where Johnson plays the charismatic captain of a riverboat who makes a living ripping off tourists looking for an adventure (and put on a prepared excursion) and that he agrees to take on board an Emily Blunt turned into an investigator – of arms to take – and her brother to try to find a tree with healing powers. However, the route will not be easy at all. Animated bugs and monsters will give the main characters of the story a hard time.

Both already boasted of having good chemistry during filming, and now in the trailer the result makes it clear that they form an ideal tandem. On the other hand, the film will feature Disney’s first openly gay character. However, that it was Jack Whitehall, a heterosexual actor chosen for the role, garnered much criticism. Even so, humor is ready to be the protagonist in this film that will hit theaters in the summer of 2020.

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