Rick and Morty: creator of the series already working on Community film

You may wonder how is it that Community, the live action sitcom, has any relation to Rick and Morty, but the answer is not as crazy as you might think, since the creator of Rick and Morty himself, Dan Harmon, is also the creator Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins of Community. You could say that they are sister series in the purest style of The Simpsons and Futurama.

So much so that we can even see references to Community within the adult animated series, with the entire cast of characters from the sitcom appearing within one episode, but in the alien version of the characters, of course.

After a long time now it seems that finally a continuation of Community is being worked on and it will come to us in the form of a movie.

Despite what you might think, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins creators like Dan Harmon do not have total control over their works, which is why Community, despite being a series much loved by its fan base and also being one of the best. sitcoms that have been seen, the series had to be canceled.

But now that Dan is enjoying resounding success with Rick and Morty, there are some freedoms that can be given, also thanks to the new wave of people getting to know Community through its inter-dimensional animated series.

That was what Dan Harmon himself said in a conversation he had with the Collider medium.

So basically we can be sure that the new movie continues to move forward and with far fewer producer issues and more script issues than anything else. But do not worry, because script problems are part of absolutely all creative processes and solving them is what leads to creating great stories, dialogues and scenarios in which the characters can develop.

The funny thing is that Dan seems to be very excited about this new project and is moving forward one step at a time, returning to the script as soon as he comes up with new ideas or new ways to solve some problems that are right there.

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