‘Wrong Turn: Path to Hell’: Cannibals and mutant villains, 4 reasons to discover the horror saga with the ‘reboot’

Two decades and six installments after its inception, the most extreme murderers and cannibals return to theaters. On July 23, Wrong Turn: Path to Hell, the seventh film in the franchise, will be released, promising to make our skin crawl again with its new group of villains. This time it is directed by Mike P. Nelson and written by Alan McElroy and, if the Wrong Turn universe catches you again, here are the keys why you should take it into account if you are a fan of being scared in the armchair of the movie theater.

The worst threat: cannibal serial killers

If you are a fan of The Hills Have Eyes and you think that the The Suicide Squad villains of horror movies, the more repulsive and creepy the better, you should give this saga a try. In the previous six installments of Wrong Turn, the killers have been a family of cannibals commanded by Three Fingers, someone you wouldn’t want to find if you’re alone and lost in the woods.

In the seventh installment, Path to Hell, things change and those monstrous assassins no longer appear. Instead, the protagonists will have to confront a community called The Foundation that will not let them walk away either. At least at first, the members of this group are not cannibals.
Three Fingers, the villain you will not forget

The franchise has a quintessential protagonist: Three Fingers. He is a mutant with a predilection for human flesh who loves to hunt victims. He is the key to the first six installments, but does not appear in Wrong Turn: Path to Hell. This absence has been much commented on by fans, but it has an explanation. With the intention of renewing the saga, they have changed the threat of Three Fingers for that of The Foundation, which can be even worse.
Charlotte Vega: a Spaniard in Hell

Wrong Turn: Sendero al infierno has Spanish participation by Charlotte Vega. At 27 years old, you will recognize her for her work in series such as The Secret of Puente Viejo or Velvet and films such as My Other Self, The Club of the Misunderstood or The Library. Little by little she has been gaining international relevance, thanks mainly to her work in The Warrior Nun, the Netflix series, and now with the Wrong Turn saga.
A saga of seven films

If you like it, you have six other installments to keep having a bad time. In Spain the saga began with the title Km. 666 and continued after its second installment as Camino Sangriento, which surely sounds more familiar to you than Wrong Turn – its title in English and the one they have decided to keep in the ‘reboot’. The franchise began in 2003 with director Rob Schmidt and screenwriter Alan B. McElroy and has never stopped feeding our nightmares ever since.

In total, there are six films that started with a lot of momentum but have decreased in intensity over the years. The arrival of Wrong Turn: Path to Hell promises to refresh the saga and give it a makeover. It is the best time to discover it.

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